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Retirement Lifestyle Community

The finest and most desirable Retirement Destination in Naples

More Than a Retirement Community

A Retirement Destination

Taormina Reserve’s senior living constituent is one of several interactive zoning classifications. Taormina Reserve’s fifty eight acres, (58.51), of residential acreage is approved for up to 1,282,558 square feet of buildable area. This is an exceptionally value intensive usage of the residential acreage under the approved zoning. The impressive amount of square footage allows for unprecedented freedom in determining the most profitable strategy for the senior living component of Taormina.

Dining options, social programs, wellness and sporting activities, and all of the other features of a full service, upper echelon community should be incorporated so as to provide matchless excellence in levels of service. Taormina Reserve is the preeminent retirement community location in Naples; it shall be the destination of choice for individuals that have arrived at the point in their lives where compromise is no longer desired; in fact, for the discerning few, compromise is not, for them, a conceivable option. Taormina Reserve was conceived with the intention of creating the finest and most desirable Retirement destination in Naples.

The quality of amenities at Taormina will correspond directly with the value and profitability of the project:

  • A world class medical facility,
  • Dining options second to none,
  • Concerts and entertainment reserved for the few,
  • A private park beyond imagination….

The Retirement Community affords access to a World Class Park/Nature Preserve. Taormina Reserve is the ONLY Retirement community boasting such a private Park/ Sanctuary of this magnitude.

Taormina Reserve