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Residences at Taormina

Homes offering broad flexibility in one location

Located Directly Above the Medical Campus

medical-campus-outsideThe 24 acre Medical Campus boasts an additional feature.  In addition to the 262,000 square feet of medical space, Taormina is zoned to include 128 residences directly above the Medical Campus.  These 128 traditional residences are the fourth major component of Taormina Reserve, and yet again, add to the tremendous value of the project as a whole.

As with the many other elements of the project, these homes offer broad flexibility and are within the unified and profitable business plan.  The Medical Campus could retain units for patients to receive care in a relaxed and luxurious setting.  These units could appeal to residents not yet ready to fully enter a full retirement setting, yet desirous of having everything they need in one location.


Both of these options would be highly desirable

and sought after in a market such as Naples, FL.

Family members of residents of the senior living community could reside close at hand.  The residences would also be desirable for professionals working at Taormina Reserve.  Finally, many individuals not directly connected with Taormina, other than its exceptional lifestyle, would find it a desirable location to call home, whether year round or seasonally.


Taormina Reserve