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Medical Campus

State of the Art Medical Facility

24 Acres Zoned for 262,000 sq. ft.

medical-campus-outsideThe Medical Campus of Taormina is situated on the northwest corner of the project, and consists of 24 acres zoned for 262,000 square feet of finished commercial. All retention and preserve requirements are met elsewhere on the project, leaving the entire 24 acres usable for development. Taormina’s Medical Campus is designed to be a 262,000 square foot interdisciplinary medical community that provides cutting-edge diagnostics, renowned medical practitioners, and treatment centers second to none. The zoning (see attached) is, furthermore, far reaching enough to also accommodate practically any other commercial use from retail/office to dining. While this Medical Campus will certainly be a unique and invaluable feature for Taormina’s resident seniors, it also can and should be of a caliber to draw persons from across the nation seeking the finest in medical care.

The healthcare options of the Medical Campus are particularly important in making Taormina Reserve’s components a truly interconnected project. As stated earlier, Taormina can be a sought after destination to live a longer, fuller, and most rewarding life.  To achieve such a goal, the Medical Campus must include diagnostic facilities with the latest in technology as well as the physicians and technicians of the highest level.  Just as early detection is important in any medical situation; as important, is having the latest treatments available.  Taormina has the ability to translate today’s most promising laboratory findings into tomorrow’s new, more effective and advanced treatments.  Residents and Patients would benefit by receiving not only the highest level of care, but also, care that will give them an extended and higher quality of life.  Thusly, the Medical Campus and Retirement Community at Taormina can truly, and quite literally, be deemed a place to live a longer, more satisfying life.


The ability to retire while remaining connected to an active,
upscale community is not a common option:

At Taormina Reserve, it is.

Taormina Reserve