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The Property

Taormina Reserve will be known as the destination for those wishing to live longer, fuller lives

Premier Retirement and Medical Community

Taormina’s retirement community, coupled with a state of the art medical campus, will be known as the destination for those wishing to live longer, fuller lives. This is the beauty, the value of Taormina Reserve: a diversity of uses that complement one another to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  Taormina Reserve is the last opportunity in Naples; just minutes from the beaches and downtown, to create a Lifestyle Retirement Community, coupled a World Class Medical Campus, traditional Residential Homes, all value enhanced by, and in concert with, a dynamic Central Park/Sanctuary displaying Florida’s natural splendors.

An 82.5 acre Mixed Use Property

Taormina-Reserve-PUDOnly 6 miles from the beaches, Taormina Reserve is Naples’ only zoned and SFWMD permitted 82.5 acre Retirement/Medical/Commercial site.

Taormina is designed to be a unique: offering the opportunity for the finest of CCRC retirement lifestyle communities, medical care and research facilities second to none, a World Class Park/ Sanctuary for residents, and exquisite traditional residential units.

  • 24 acres / 262,000 square feet of state of the ar Medical / Commercial zoning.
  • 58.5 acres / 1,282,558 square feet of retirement uses: CCRC (continuing care retirement care), ALF, Skilled Nursing, and Independent Housing for persons 55 and over.
  • A World Class Park / Nature Sanctuary: Properly Incorporated, this amenity adds over 20 Million Dollars to the initial project value in increased unit revenues.
  • 128 Traditional Residential homes located above the Medical / Commercial Campus.


naples-dockThe value and ultimate profitability of Taormina Reserve lies in the synergetic combination of all its components into a unified venture that is greater than the sum of its individual constituents.  The Lifestyle Retirement, state of the art medical, private residences, and Exquisite Private Park coalesce to create a development previously unknown.  Retirement homes with ready access toworld class medical facilities, and a 33 acre park of unparalleled beauty and accessibility.  No other Retirement opportunity offers so much:  A lifestyle second to none: on site “state of the art medical”, and, all ensconced by a dynamic park just steps from residents doors.

No other Lifestyle Retirement Destination offers the fulfillment of living and serenity, that Taormina affords the developer to create.  Taormina Reserve can be capitalized as the premiere location to not only retire, but to expand and enhance life.   The 33 acre park cannot be understated:  no other Retirement Development boasts a similar amenity.  Whether as a quiet morning retreat or a day spent exploring, the Park at Taormina is a feature that increases the experience of choosing this community as the definitive destination to call home.

Taormina Reserve