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Premier Retirement and Medical Community

Naples, Florida

Taormina Reserve is the only site, located just ten minutes from the Beaches of Naples, available to build a masterpiece Retirement and Medical community. Taormina is zoned for over 1,280,000 square feet of retirement living, over 260,000 square feet of medical/commercial, and 128 private residences.

Integral to Taormina’s retirement and commercial community, is nestled a dynamic Park/Nature Sanctuary of over 33 pristine acres; a profitable asset to the project’s sales.

This is a landmark site, zoned for an extensive retirement lifestyle community, an extensive breadth of medical/commercial uses, private residences, and designed around the natural beauty of a world class park. These diverse uses can be flexibly combined into an interactive financial relationship, vastly more profitable than if the components were developed independently of one another.

Retirement Community

Taormina affords access to a World Class Park/Nature Preserve. Taormina is the ONLY Retirement community boasting such a private Park/ Sanctuary of this magnitude.


Medical Campus

The Medical Campus of Taormina is situated on the northwest corner of the project, and consists of 24 acres zoned for 262,000 square feet of finished commercial

The Park

Central to Taormina is the concept of a 33 acre park of incredible worth: 20 million dollars in added project revenue is conservative, considering the sales premiums the park will bring in.


These 128 traditional residences are the fourth major component of Taormina Reserve, and yet again, add to the tremendous value of the project as a whole.

Taormina Reserve